5 Professional Web Design Tips

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Web design is just like fashion: it changes on purpose as different trends come and go. If you want to create a professional-looking website, you should always be aware of the latest web design tendencies. Good first impression matters here, same as when you meet a person for the first time. Use these 5 important web design recommendations, so your visitors could get good impression about your website.

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Keep Up with Simplicity and Neatness

The world around is full of junk, and the internet is not an exception. Ads, banners, icons, various signs, pop-up windows, buttons and many other things. Sometimes, there are just too many of them all.

So why shouldn’t you let your website users have a break, rest from it all? By using the flat design and empty space, you can make a significant influence on your users who interact with your website. Try to make everything simple and minimalist, underline and highlight only the most important contents. There are times when less means better.

Keep an Eye on Web Design Trends

If you are reading this blog, then you are on the right way already. But it is possible for you to go further and to start looking for websites on purpose: to understand what exactly you like or dislike in them.

Make notes on the paper or in your mind about things that could be used on your website. Do you think that long scrolling can respond to your client’s needs? Do you like the design of the “Contact” page on someone’s website?

It can be not-that-serious thing, too: an arrow icon that points to the important content. No matter what you notice on other websites, think how you can use it in your design.

Remember About Visual Hierarchy

What is visual hierarchy? That’s the term which describes the way how the user’s sight moves across the page; the way that helps you attract attention to the important website content. For instance, if you want to add the “Sign Up” button, you need to place it on the most visible place so as many users as possible could use it.

According to visual hierarchy, our sight moves top to bottom and left to right. This means, most users will hold their eyes on the button located in the top left corner of your website, and this can lead to more clicks.

Remember, that only the most important content is to be located in this place. All it all, it is very important to keep proportion: if you place too much information there, you won’t get the wanted result.

Make Text Easy to Read

Text information plays a significant role for the website. It gives the required information and answers the questions even before they are asked. So, it is important for the users to be able to read texts on your website easily. There are several simple rules that will help you write texts easy to perceive.

  • Use combinable colors. For example, you shouldn’t use the font of a creamy color for the white background, otherwise the process of reading can cause headaches or take the wish to read the text away. When introducing new color scheme, check how easy it is to read the text.
  • Do not use too small fonts. They might look cute but are not popular. Users don’t have to harm their eyes to read your text.
  • Keep chosen fonts. Have your certain style using maximum 3, and better 2 fonts. If you want to make it perfect, use readable fonts so your texts do not look like Chinese hieroglyphs.

Use and Improve Mobile Version

What’s the point of the professionally looking website if its mobile version does not look equally professional? In our times, there is no such point. But don’t worry – modern website constructors and instruments are intuitively understandable and easy to use, and professional services know about the importance of mobile websites. Don’t you want to lose users/visitors/potential clients due to the fact they entered your website with their smartphone while killing time in a jam?

Mobile Website Design

After you complete all these points, your website will look and feel readable, easy to perceive and comfortable to use.


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