10 Tips About Striking Web Design

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Does the web design influence your website’s traffic? Will users remain there for long and buy things if it is good? Of course. Probably, everyone had the opportunity to see websites which have a design just crying: “That’s a bad idea!”. Yes, that company loses its potential clients due to the poor web design.

Web Design Strike

It does not matter if you are a newbie or an experienced marketing specialist, you should know that a good website design is one of the key components for your success anyway.

Here are my 10 tips that will help you create a striking design for your website which will attract potential clients instead of scaring them off.

Simple Navigation is the Way to Success

People usually look for something particular when visiting your website. There can be receipts of diet food to cook within 30 minutes or top easiest online business ideas, or anything else. No matter what your visitors want, they need an answer. So, ask yourself: why did people come to my website? When you understand that, you need to make the process of searching as simple as possible for your users.

I’ve visited many websites which were difficult to interact with. Do you know my first reaction? “Next one!”

And I proceed to the next website if there is an answer to my questions. People do not like to spend their time on hunting things that need to be found easily.

So if people come to your website looking for things, then there must be a button signed “Things” which is easy to see and recognize. People got used to look for the navigation panel in the left of a website.

Sparkling Stuff is a Dead End

Have you ever met websites with elephants dancing or poker chips running around the screen and asking you to click on them? My head starts aching after those things and I look for a “Let me out ASAP” button on my computer.

If you launch a professional website, don’t use sparkling graphics, please. You scare people off your page with it for sure. People come to you for information. Not to click ads or destroy their brains.

Make your website a pleasant place for clients to spend their time. Like a supermarket. Think about that next time you visit stores. You want to see a clean place with well-positioned items and good service offering you exactly what you look for. Your website should resemble such a store. If you expect fast and comfortable shopping then it is reasonable to suppose that clients would expect the same when visiting your website.

What about music? Things differ here. I think, there shouldn’t be music on the most business websites. But let’s suppose that you work with a realtor who rents ocean bank cottages during summer vacation seasons. And there’s a sound of an ocean near your feet at the desk.

As for me, such music is fine. But on my website, music would definitely be turned off by default and possible to switch on if needed. Don’t forget that many people surf websites at the office and they don’t want their boss to know about that.

If there some loud sound on your website is turned on by default and there is no visible way to switch it off fast, the user will run away from such a resource faster than the cat who notices a doberman.

Colors to Improve Industrial Landscape

Every person has individual preferences about colors, but many researches had confirmed them to influence human’s emotions. Look on the biggest websites like Amazon: their layout and color schemes are simple.

I recommend keeping up with the same trend. If you provide a website on the topic of finances and investments, then its colors should be conservative. If you sell beach accessories, use more of joyful and funny colors. Think about your audience, and you will understand what the color palette of your webpage should be.

Links Make A Highway to Your Destination Point

Nothing smarter than checking all your buttons to be linked to corresponding pages is required here. Nobody likes empty links, including “Google”. That can be dull, but you still need to do that. Check if your hyperlinks are correct.

About Us: Is the Map OK?

Usually people want to know basic moments before making their business with you. Who you are, how to contact you, what warranties for goods are, safety policies, private data security protection, time to deliver goods, etc. It is worth to answer these questions to create a trustful relationship between your company and potential clients.

Website Map: How to Find the Way?

Let’s suppose that you have lots of goods or pages and resources. A website map helps people find what they look for, fast and without the need to roam through your resource like a lost soul. A map is not that difficult to make, and it is quite useful for big websites. They also help search machines get the data from you very quickly.

Quick Page Load: Charge!

There is nothing worse than a slow page load. You can optimize your webpage graphics. People HATE waiting. In online business, slow pages mean death nowadays.

Shopping Cart: Buy Some Souvenirs

If you sell products or services, then the reliable and well-organized cart is required. I’ve seen websites where a list of million things was represented, and the user had to send an email there to order a thing. WHAT A MESS!

Yes, shopping carts are quite costly, but it is worth the possibility to control transactions. I’d pay attention to carts if I proposed quite a number of goods.

Templates or Original Design: Chevrolet or Porsche?

People often think that a custom-made design is expensive, so they prefer to use templates and compilations. There is nothing bad in this approach, but the difference between the website constructed from “zero” and that of “preservatives” is noticeable at once. No, I don’t mean that template website repels visitors, but it won’t be attractive as well.

Porsche and Chevrolet

Have fun with your online business. You can enter any professional photo website and download any picture you need: from cows to racing cars. This is the way to make your website less common.

And yes, I offer you to hire a good web-designer. I pay $ 400 or more for a simple website. I know some projects could cost me $ 1000 and more. That’s why you should hire designers and check their portfolio.

Client Service: Finish Line

Okay, so how is design connected to client services? Well, the service is to be described all over the website: tips, free reports, warranties, fast and trustable shopping, etc. People want to know that you know what you are talking about and that you are able to deliver goods they want to get. Give them a little, and you’ll receive a lot of profits in return, I guarantee that!


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