7 Tips to Create Content That Promotes Itself

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It is difficult to overestimate the role of website’s content when you promote it. Basing on the content, users estimate the level of your professionalism and form their level of trust towards you and your recommendations, knowledge, information and creativity. Basing on the content, search systems determine the position of your resource in the list of search results. Plus to this, it is easier to lead the website on top positions if the content is good and of quality.

Content Promotion

So, what should the self-promoting content look like?

#1 Tip: The Content Should Be Unique

No matter if you write the text yourself or order it from copywriters, you have to fight for uniqueness. Search systems like unique contents and rank them higher than rewritten or copied text. “Google” search engine excludes websites with “stolen” contents from the search result lists. This means, your website will be impossible to find.

#2 Tip: Use Keywords

Keywords, or as internet marketing specialists call them – semantic core – is the main website promotion element in search engine rankings. The more your text correlates with the search request, the higher position in the search result list your will website receive. Try to choose keywords according to search requests of your clients. If your resource is devoted to tourist tour sales, then your articles need to contain phrases like “rest in Egypt”, “Turkey vacation”, etc. A good text should be complete, relevant (correlating to the search request) and useful.

#3 Tip: Be Humane

Users who come from search engine results page(SERP) decide whether they’ll stay on the website or won’t within 2-3 seconds. Attract users with the help of fixation points. They can be: website text formatting, photos, videos and audios available on the website. Divide the text into separate blocks. Write correctly. Write informative and actual texts. A person who once receives a full and expanded answer to their question will come back to your website again and again. Try to write short and understandable sentences. Avoid complicating texts.

Speak with your potential clients using the understandable language.

#4 Tip: Focus on Your Topic

Your company has its field of activity, so fill your website with the content according to that field. If you offer tourism business services, then write about tourism business. And don’t forget about keywords.

#5 Tip: Accent Your Professionalism

 Professional Content Writing

Let your users see proofs about things you talk about and demonstrate them actually working. Here is where you can show that you are better than competitors. Statistics, infographics, research results and expert quotes increase the content value for your visitors. Satisfy the informational hunger of your readers, and they will become your clients for sure.

#6 Tip: Take Fresh Ideas

Text writing often stops due to the lack of ideas. That’s normal: you are an expert in your field and some games seem to be elementary for you, and this means that you think everyone should know them. To find fresh ideas for your content, pay attention to:

  1. Forums and FAQs. There you will meet questions worrying your potential clients for sure. Answer those questions in your article and users will thank you.
  2. Reports, reviews, special topics and researches. Everything connected to the practical work of your company. Express your own opinion on the research that had been provided.
  3. Comparison of goods and services. Quite a useful thing, as it gives you useful contents and allows highlighting your advantages compared to other companies.
  4. Topical information sources.Different open sources that use wiki-markup, dictionaries, blogs of professionals renowned in their expertise, etc.

#7 Tip: Encourage Content Comments

They make users come back to your website again and again.

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