7 More Tips for Sharable Content

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For Web Marketing and internet business, the importance of good content is difficult to overestimate. So, we decided to present 7 more recommendations for creating content which will obligatory be shared. This is the article following the previous text that can be found here on our website.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid of Long Texts

Don’t believe when people say that youth is lazy and unable to concentrate their attention on the text with many letters for a long time. The truth is different: people of modern world value their time, so they are not going to spend it on content which only takes it away from them. But they will read the material with interest if it is useful for them, no matter how long it is.

Long Sharable Text

Really, a bunch of researches showed that long-reads created with in-depth approach towards the topic, and thus, excellent quality, gain more interest from the audience than short texts nowadays. People often share such materials in social media and blogs.

  1. Call Their Emotions

People share content that makes them feel emotions very often. And they share something that gives them positive impressions more than something about negativity.

  1. Keep Up with Trends

You should monitor the market of your professional field on a daily basis – this will help you create an up-to-date content. People are interested in new things, they want to be first to find out something curious: satisfy this need of your audience, and people will give you a lot in return.

  1. More Visual Contents

Human brain works that way: it processes visual information faster. That is why people often prefer watching videos on a certain topic rather than reading an article. Keeping that in mind, create more movies and fill your text content with visuals: graphs, pictures, interesting photos, diagrams, etc.

  1. Create Problem-Solving Content

A content which solves people’s problems is perceived as useful. Maybe, it is not too interesting to write about dealing with the clog in the drain, but it is worth to write about that if it is useful to your target audience.

If you sell clothes, share ideas about accessories that complement this or that clothes in your blog. If you trade compost, then create infographics about when, how and what plants are better to grow in the garden.

In some words, tell about problems people meet in their everyday life and professional activities, and if someone thinks your content is useful, they share it with people occupied by the same problem.

  1. Make the Information Consumable

A modern world is the world where information consumption level is unbelievably high. People eat two-three times per day but consume information on purpose more often and in big portions. In this world, victory belongs not to a person who just delivers useful data, but to a person who delivers useful data which is pleasant, easy and comfortable to consume.

Here are some tips:

  • People need to understand what the article is about right after they read the header;
  • Build text composition correctly: pay special attention to separating the text into blocks with subheadings;
  • Use lists in your articles: they put the information in order making it easier to perceive and memorize;
  • Write short paragraphs;
  • Be laconic and precise, try to express one thought in one sentence, not in two or three;
  • Write using simple language. Your lexicon can be impressive, but if you overuse words which are “specific” for most people, your text just won’t be understandable for an average reader;
  • Use illustrations;
  • Try to give information like research data, statistics, lots of numbers and words as infographics. It is easier for the reader to understand complicated data, and the main point is that such material becomes interesting for them.
  1. Experiment

Content marketing recommendations are very common. You can create something cool by following professional tips, and you can create something quite average keeping up to them, too. From this viewpoint, here is the best tip which can be said: find out as many new things as you can and go in for experiments. Great ideas don’t appear suddenly, your mind generates them while working.

Text Sharable Experiment


It is difficult and sometimes routine job: to create content which people would like to share. But it brings profit when your traffic reaches the new level of growth. Use these seven recommendations to give your audience the content which cannot remain unshared.

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