3 Tips to Create Sharable Content

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Good internet marketing specialists know the price of a quality content: it brings brand awareness in the Web and attracts generic traffic to websites. A dream of many marketing managers is to launch the content with a powerful viral potential into the Internet. To create something great that will interest huge number of people and spread it around the Web like a virus due to its super-usefulness, super-involvement or super-fun. In a word, to create content which is impossible to remain not shared. What can help you do that? Possibly, exactly these 3 tips.

Why do people like sharing cool contents? The basis is the biological need of a human to interact with other humans. They feel satisfied when sharing a good link.

Sharable Content Creation

  1. Determine Your Target Audience, and Know For Sure What They Need

Do not start writing a text until a personified image of a target audience representative appears in your mind. If this does not happen, your content can “blow” only accidentally. In content marketing, you shouldn’t make a child’s mistake and write a text for everyone. That really means “for nobody”. Write for a particular group of people united by common interests. It is difficult to imagine the way to make a person share the content which does not touch him or her as it is not addressed exactly to them.

All that you need to do in order to understand clearly what your target audience is: ask several simple questions.

  • Who? Who is the person your company’s products or services are useful to: a mother who grows children at home; a student; a person married for more than 20 years; a marketing specialist; a programmer; a musician?
  • What? What information does your target audience need? What exactly can you create to satisfy their need in information?
  • When? Do you know the time of the day when your target audience enters the Internet? Publish your blog materials with attention to these time frames.
  • Where? Where do they live, work and rest? Probably those who live in Texas don’t need the list of top 10 Paris restaurants.
  • Why? Why does your audience enter the Internet? Do they look for particular information? Do they surf Facebook on purpose? Do they need entertainments or is their internet activity connected with their job?
  • How? How do people of your target audience enter the Internet? Do they use computers, smartphones or tablets? Make sure it is comfortable for them to perceive your website content.
  1. Attract Attention with Headlines

The first impression has a huge impact. And it starts from the headline for contents. If people don’t read your content because of “grey” headers, it does not matter how good it is. There are several ways to attract the reader’s attention to the article with header. Here are some of them:

  • The header promises the reader will find out something new: Everything You Would Like to Know About Women but Was Afraid to Ask.
  • There are numbers: 7 Reasons Why 90% Women Prefer Brunets.
  • There is a question stimulating curiosity: Which Women Prefer to Wear Grey Clothes?
  • The headline says “how” to do something: How to Become a Content-Writing Jedi.
  1. Be Original

There is a lot of information about almost any topic you might be interested in on the internet. Do you stand a chance to tell something new? There always is a chance. But if common titles use the “What is that” formula, then you are going the wrong way. Use such formula only if you are 100% sure to say new things about the particular subject. In the modern web, there is an overwhelming amount of content that creates informational noise, so writing on the common topic is like answering the question “What is a smartphone?” or “What is a wheel?”

Original Sharable Content

You better think how you can improve the endless internet-chat between marketing specialists and their audience. Do you have any unique experience in particular area? Are you able to analyze better than the others? Do you often give precise predictions basing on the analysis of the common information? Have you got a perfect style? Do you write with humor? Can you reveal the topic from the unusual viewpoint? All this matters a lot! Details have mean a lot, as people often like not things you say, but the way you do that.

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